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How to write a how to guide

how to wrirte a how to guide

The net’s already got plenty of idle how-to content written by under-qualified folks. If you are new to writing how-to content, it is a fantastic idea, to begin with a topic you are comfortable discussing. As an example, if you are a computer programmer, you may try writing an article as straightforward as “How to Build a Potato Clock” or one as specialised as “How do you install a Motherboard?” Now’s your opportunity to do some serious soul-searching. Is there a topic on your mind that sounds great or perfect – something you already know how to do?

Pick a clear, concise heading. You wish to tell your reader what your article will inform them how to perform. People are fickle and selfish with their time, and they will select the option that seems to be the fastest and most comfortable. An easy-to-digest title will offer your article an immediate advantage over one with an overwritten title.

Pinpoint your viewers. How-to content can be long or short, humorous or serious, general or specific, casual or technical – there is no hard and fast rule. However, you will want to tailor your post to be as legible as possible for the sorts of individuals that are most likely to read it. Change your writing style as well as the content to make it as easy as possible for your target audience without being dull. Readers read an article’s introduction to be sure it’s ideal for their needs. Your readers are tantalisingly near the body of the guide, so don’t lose them! Be short – you should not need more than a paragraph for fundamental how-tos. Also, make sure to include the goal of the articles (forgetting that is a frequent writing pitfall.) Most importantly, do not meander!

Write your directions in steps. Whenever possible, attempt to limit each step to a single idea. Use controlling action verbs, not obscure phrases like “Be ready” or “Know what you need to do.” You can use sub-steps or bullet lists to include a further explanation for complicated steps. As always, keep your paragraphs short and simple to make your instructions as simple to follow as possible.

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