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Fossil Fuel as Australia’s Main Source of Energy

Why Australia Refuses to Stop Using Fossil Fuel as its Main Source of Energy

Globally, Australia is reorganized as one of the continents that highly rely on non-renewable sources of energy. A high percentage of this energy is obtained from fossil fuels; this is a type of fuel that has been formed from organic matter that existed several million years ago. It is mainly made up of plant materials and animal remains that have undergone intense pressure below the surface of the earth. Research has shown that Australia is very rich in fossil fuels and the people seem to be making good use of it. This article highlights some of the reasons why Australia refuses to stop using fossil fuel as its main source of energy.

Fossil fuel is in Abundance

As a continent, Australia is one of the few places on the planet that has the highest amount of fossil fuel. For years several companies have been mining the commodity but it has never been fully exhausted. The climatic conditions in Australia make it very easy for fossil fuel to continue forming despite the high rate in which it is used. Mining companies locate new fossil fuel mining sites almost every year making it very easy to access. Fossil fuel also ranks among the top non renewable sources of energy in Australia. The government has been putting more effort towards mining fossil fuel than any other form of non-renewable energy.

Australia’s Economy Highly Depends on Fossil

Being the main source of energy in the whole of Australia, fossil fuel plays a critical role in economic development. Several international corporations are able to invest in Australia as a result of the high amounts of fossil fuels. Investors from different parts of the world also put in millions of dollars every year so that they can have a chance in profiting from fossil fuel resources. Australia also exports fossil fuel to other countries allowing it to earn revenue during the exchange. The country is known to be the second-largest exporter of coal in the world. The government uses part of the money earned in maintaining and protecting the fossil fuel mines.

Availability of Fossil Fuel Mining Equipment

Australia has been mining fossil fuel for so many years. As a result, the government has set aside a lot of funds towards the acquisition of mining equipment. All fossil fuel mining sites are fitted with the necessary mining equipment making it very easy to obtain the fossil fuel compounds. A lot of money is also spent on the repair of any equipment that may be broken. This is done to ensure that the mining of fossil fuel never stops. The mining equipment is also managed by well-trained personnel who see to it that they are always in good working condition.

Australia uses Fossil Fuel in the Production of Electricity

The other reason why Australia cannot stop using fossil fuel is that a high percentage of its electricity is generated from fossil fuel. Every year Australia burns a very high percentage of its coal towards the production of electricity. Since it is the commodity that is readily available, it is more efficient compared to other sources of energy that are available in the country. That is why fossil fuel always tops the list when it comes to the energy infrastructure in Australia.

Australia Benefits from Fossil Fuel Resources

Australia is one of the few countries that have large scale access to fossil fuel resources such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and crude oil. All these fuels are either used locally to power various industries within the country or can be stored for exportation. Either way, the country will still be getting its fair share of profits.