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How to Take Care of Your Sneaker Collection

There is sometimes nothing better than the whiff and feel of a new pair of the next yeezy release. Fresh kicks are what some of us love and some of us love to just have a collection of shoes without really wearing them. Whether you are using your shoes for sports, hiking, day to day activities or simply just enjoying collecting shoes it is important to look after them to keep them looking like new.

Committing to preventing stains on the sneakers in the first place wont take much and if your shoes are of the canvas type you can use a little scotch guard to repels stains and water. There are also protective sprays for leather and suede shoes to. All you are required to do is simply let the spray dry around 24 hours is sufficient enough before wearing them. Often it is more beneficial to prevent problems from occurring instead of trying to find ways to fix the problem after it happens.

Wear socks with your sneakers

Socks are essential when it is important to you that your sneakers smell fresh. If you are wanting to make a statement, then a patterned sock is the style to head for but if you don’t like the look of socks then you can opt for a no-show sock that will keep your ankles revealed. Socks with rubber heels will add more grip if you are playing sports.

Spot clean the shoes

You could be the person who never takes their shoes out of the box but if you take your kicks out every so often take a minute or two and clean off the stains and dirt before putting them away will help to prolong the life of the shoes. Simply clean by adding some warm water to a microfiber cloth should be all that is needed to spot clean dirt and stains, if the stains are a little stubborn baby wipes work well. When you’ve added one of those new sneaker releases to your collection, it is important to keep on top of the cleanliness and make sure you are getting a return on investment.

Don’t forget the laces

If your sneakers are looking a little dull and the spot cleaning isn’t giving them the uplift your looking for consider replacing the laces. You can either clean them by soaking in hot water and washing with laundry powder or replace the laces all together with a new colour of your choice.

Do you bleach or not?

There are mixed opinions when it comes to whether you should clean your sneakers with bleach or not? If you have a dull pair of sneakers that needs an uplift, then you can gently scrub with a little diluted bleach on a brush. Using undiluted or too much bleach will leave your sneakers with a yellow tinge. If you prefer not to use bleach and run the risk of making a mistake you can always try mixing some baking soda with water which is known to be quite effective.

Keep your sneakers out of sunlight and in a dry place. Dust bags work well to keep them in great condition. Dryer sheets work well to absorb and lingering moisture and keep them fresh. If you value your collection of sneakers, these are the measures you need to take to take best care and keep them valuable! Take care of your passion!