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How The Netflix Streaming Service Works

Netflix first provided Internet streaming services to the international market in 2010, and the service was launched in Canada on September 22. At that time, the subscription was the fee in Canada and later was 7.99 Canadian dollars per month. CEO Hastings stated that it was “the lowest and most competitive price they offered anywhere in the world.

In the past ten years, Netflix has gradually become a typical representative of paid OTT formats in the United States and across the globe. Previously, a Research on Netflix Globalization Operations and Development Strategies systematically described Netflix’s corporate origin and genes, original content strategy, global operation strategy, regional market expansion strategy, and movie content development strategy.

Stream Media

In the early days of the Netflix mail DVD rental service, consumers often complained that the discs they received were scratched or unplayable. After the instant streaming service was launched, Netflix’s popularity has grown significantly. Streaming services just started to use technology and encoders from Microsoft, including VC-1 video encoder and WMA audio encoder. With the rapid increase in devices that support Netflix playback, demand for different types of formats has begun to emerge, including H.263, H.264, and H.265 video encoders, as well as Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Ogg Vorbis audio encoders future, Netflix plans to change all of its included video content to the open-source VP9 video format compression to provide higher viewing quality. According to Netflix, due to various combinations of encoders and bit rates, a single movie needs to go through 120 encoding procedures before being put on the streaming platform.

In response to the growing demand for Netflix streaming media transmission, in 2011, Netflix began developing Open Connect. Since introducing its streaming service in 2007, Netflix has occupied a large and growing share of network traffic in every market covered by its business. These advanced algorithms not only provide some general methods, and sometimes some common inputs, as well as the industry-leading Netflix content recommendation system.


Netflix is ​​a subscription package that provides movies and TV shows. It provides media to subscribers through Internet streaming and the US Postal Service.

How Does Open Connect work?

Netflix uses Amazon’s AWS cloud service for general and scalable computing. All tasks before you click “play” are performed in AWS. AWS will perform all calculations, including all the logic of the application interface, content discovery and selection experience, recommendation algorithms, and code conversion. Bridging all of this from client to server and vice versa is Apache Kafka, which facilitates Netflix’s event, message and data streaming process, Netflix developers, would use a Kafka docker hub option to ensure these point-to-point connections are streamlined. The reason why AWS is used for this is that this type of computing is not uncommon for Netflix, and it can take advantage of the ease of use and increasing commoditization of the cloud market.

Everything that happens after you click “Play” is unique to Netflix. It is precisely because of the growing demand for expansion in this area that they have the opportunity to bring higher efficiency to our content delivery and the entire Internet.

According to a report in 2013, Netflix is ​​the largest download network traffic source in the United States, accounting for 32.3% of the download traffic total and 28.8% of the aggregate download traffic.

Slowdown Problem

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the company’s performance to grow rapidly, but it has also caused bandwidth pressure in the most impacted areas. Through Kafka monitoring tools like operatr, Netflix has also slowed by 25% in most Asian countries and other Asia-Pacific regions and parts of Europe. The impact could have been worst if Netflix hadn’t been using the industry-standard Apache Kafka stream processing framework.