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How to Pick The Best Basketball Shoe Brand

Basketball shoes are very important for players. The feet are used to jump, sprint and cut so it is important that they have a durable, comfortable pair of shoes that can best help them to perform. The shoes need to be lightweight and offer a good quality grip with plenty of lock room support. This is to ensure that every move the basketball player takes feels comfortable and safe for their feet from explosive leaps to short stops and starts.

Nothing is more important than performance and quality when it comes to a basketball shoe. However, looks can be important as well when they are in the spotlight under the bright lights players also take a note in the way the shoe looks.

Here is a list of the top 5 basketball shoe brands for athletes, including limited release sneakers or special edition, rated for their durability, safety, comfortable level and their fashion statement.

The Nike Zoom KD12

This shoe is more a redesign from the previous shoe, and everyone is loving the results. The shoes work well for the quick sprints and post-ups. The previous versions were said to have a rigid feeling to their shoe however these have a full length zoom turbo inside the shoes sole that gives a more cushion type of feel and comfort throughout the midfoot and also the upper foot. These can be found in most shoe brand retailers. Make sure you keep an eye out for the nike release calendar, just in case these shoes drop unexpectedly.

UA Anatomix Spawn the Sub-Zero

There are basic basketball shoes and then there are the type that enthusiastically offer a beautiful and durable design. The Mortal Kombat is a shoe brand that gets their inspiration from the Mortal Kombat 11 subzero character and comes with all the finishing touches like the MK logo and the blue ice frills on the sole. The shoe brand offers complete cushioning support and flexible mobility which makes it a great option for basketball players with its ease to change directions fast and the heavy cutting.

The Air Jordan XXXIII

This is the 33 rd edition pair of sneakers and they actually take a leap and finally get rid of the laces. The sneaker has been replaced with a cable solution that you pull to secure. It will lock down your whole foot and will secure your heel to the shoe. They are a lightweight shoe that can work easily with the short bursts of movements and unpredictable turns.

Air Jordan XXXIII SE

Next is the latest edition and also offers a no laces system. The show is worn as a high top and has many features from the no laces to the zoom bags that are located in the show for cushion-style comfort. These shoes are a looser fit since there isn’t as much shoe as the others. Jordan’s are often worn outside of the basketball court due to their comfort and durability to last in all conditions.

Marquee Boost Low

With this sneaker it is packed with top notch performance features. The mid-sole consists of a cushioning material for added support and the ability to now slouch. It comes with ankle supports that are needed in basketball with the sharp turns and quick stops and jolts.

Protect your feet when playing basketball to ensure they are healthy and not at risk for injuries during your game time. Invest in the best shoe brand and you will be happy!