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How to Pick The Perfect Nanny For Your Family!

Want to know how to find the perfect nanny for your child/children? You need to have patience and look until you find the best fit. It could be a long search but a worthy one in the end, this isn’t something you want to quickly skim over.

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You need to be very patient and very resourceful. You will need to check with family, friends and nanny agencies to find the best possible matches.

Follow these steps to aid you in finding the best nanny:

Decide what you want and talk with your partner about what you want your nanny to be like. Would you prefer an older woman who focuses on learning or a younger person who is fun and wants to run around with the kids? Do you want a caregiver that is responsible for bathing ans feeding only? Do you need a nanny who is more parenting? A nanny for transportation only? Make a list and refer to them when you start reviewing the applicants.

Do your research

Always check the personal references and ask around on social media and local noticeboards to see what other insights people can offer you. If you are going through a nanny agency, they screen candidates before they are presented to you to ensure you are only meeting those that meet your criteria. There are plenty of online nanny referral services that are cheaper than some agencies. A nanny recruitment agency is also a revenue you must heavily consider.


Digital marketing and in the local newspaper can be a good source for potential applicants, however you may get bombarded with a huge number of strangers. You need to be specific in what you are looking for and make it clear like maybe a non-smoker or a mature aged person, these are just a couple of examples of characteristics you may be seeking from a nanny. There should be an importance placed on the correct advertising of what the exact role is that you are looking to fill, whether it is a full time nanny or one on a casual basis.

Interview stage

Talk to as may nannies as you can. Ask question about their experience, their personal interests and driving records. Ask about their background and if they would approve to a criminal record check being carried out. A nanny interview sheet can assist you well. Have your child there with you when you are interviewing and see what nannies respond well to the child and those that the child seems to get close to. You may have someone who has everything you want from medical courses to a huge pile of experience, but they barely interact with your child.

Check all the references

Once the list has been narrowed down it is time to call the references. Ask detailed questions and even ask for additional references if you feel you need it. Ask the references about the nanny’s weaknesses and strengths and why they left or if they were fired. This is an important step in finding out why it didn’t work with other families.

Trials are important

When you have narrowed it down to just a few do a trial run. Observe how the nanny reacts to your child doing something right or wrong. How does she interact with the child? Seeing for yourself is very important and if your child is old enough ask them at the end who did they prefer and why and what they didn’t like about the other nannies that had a trail. You want the best for your children so ensure you do your homework to find the best nanny for your family.

Picking the precise nanny for your family is very important as this person will play an instrumental part in the early development of your children. Follow these steps and the process should be very easy.