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Unique Activities For The Entire Family

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While it can be hard sometimes to find time to connect with the family, it’s crucial for healthy family life. It’s time-consuming and can be tiring, but it is still important to boost the children’s self-esteem and education with some exciting activities. Besides, if you put some energy into it, hanging out with your kids can be really fun and might teach you something new. Here are a few ideas of things you can do as a whole family.

Start with a picnic

Nothing beats a good picnic. There is nothing better and picnic are good from all ages from babies enjoying the green grass to teenagers enjoying the sunshine. You can have a hike or even an explore out on the beach before settling down to enjoy a picnic. You can enjoy a picnic just as your own or you can invite other members of the family to join as well.  Enjoy quiet time together where you can talk or simply relax while you watch the kids play. Take a BBQ lunch or pack a simpler lunch like fruit and cake there is no right or wrong way to have a picnic, they are budget friendly and very beneficial for everyone. The best thing about picnics is they can be enjoyed with everything from different fruits, salads and chairs to sit on, but they can also be enjoyed by using the bare necessities like a picnic rug and a sandwich. However, you like to picnic is the best way possible.

Heading out to pick fruit

What could be better than being outside and picking your own fruit? You can grab all the family members big and small and head off to a place that has seasonal fruits that you can pick like apples, pumpkins and strawberries.  You can then the next day make a fun day of cooking different recipes with the different fruit you all picked together. You can make a game out of thinking up different recipes to use with the fruit and see who gets the most recipes. Creating meals together from the fruit you picked yourself is rewarding in more than one way from start to finish.

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Making homemade ice-cream

It can be a great thing for kids to experience seeing liquid turn into ice-cream and solidify. Grab some milk, sugar flavouring you like, salt and ice. You will need a quart sized food bag and a gallon sized plastic bag. First of all, mix 1 tbs of sugar with one cup of whole milk, add the flavouring that you wish. Put all this in your quart-sized bag and ensure it is sealed tight. Take the gallon sized bag and put 2 quarts of ice and 6 tsp of salt this will ensure the ice doesn’t start melting. Ensure the bags are sealed tightly and then place the quart sized bag into your gallon sized one and shake for about 15 mins. The bag will get cold so kids might want to wrap in a towel or put some gloves on. This is a good learning activity for children to watch liquid turn solid. The best part is eating the ice cream afterwards.

Discover a new part of your country

This takes a bit more planning, but it’s definitely worth it! I used to take my kids on little holidays, even just over the weekend, so they could see Australia. You can stay at one of the best hotels in Hobart if you want luxury. Otherwise maybe camp? Or bring your extended family and have the grandparents spend some educational time with the kids while you sneak off for a romantic getaway in Hobart.

While it is important to do fun activities with the whole family these can range from reading a book together, doing some puzzles, going to the beach or going for a walk. Give the children a choice of what they would like to do and see what they come up with.